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Let us plan your next Professional conference!

TopCat School is a Continuing Education provider credentialed to provide

educational offerings for multiple professional licensor throughout the united


Once your organization has decided on a date for your next National

Conference,our team will take it from there. No matter if you have 20 or 2000

attendees we can provide a cost effective quality Continuing Educational 


We will take your program agendas work with your educational committees and

assist them to develop and certify the educational offering for the licensers you

seek Continuing Education.

We provide the back office administrative support for your program

development team to assure success.

All your licensure's will be assured they received their Credited

Professional Certifications

The American Academy of Professional Coders; AMA Consulting Link, Society of Medical Dental Management Consultants; Institute of Certified Professional Business Consultants Certified Healthcare Compliance Consultant; Certified Licensed Hek Manager; Registered Nurse.  

Brainy Brunches

Once a program is identified by our customer or vendor we will locate the appropriate qualified speaker and arrange for that speaker to present the desired topic and have either the speaker sponsor the program or arrange for another vendor to sponsor the program. These programs are normally held in the mornings as “Brainy Brunches” or at noontime as “Lunch and Learns.”  

Professional Training                                                                            

We bring the training to YOUR door. Typically we arrange a program or series of programs with a case management or insurance adjudication company. Our Educational Coordinator will assist our clients in making choices about CEU programs that will help staff keep licensing requirements current and education up-to-date.

Kathryn Moghadas                                

And her team at TopCat lead the medical and healthcare industry’s quality and excellence standard. Their multiple certifications demonstrate their mission to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare educational development.

Leadership Development                                

An example of TopCat’s "Training To The Top" is a Leadership Development Program that can be successfully incorporated into your company. We also consult & advise on regulatory compliance programs within your organization
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